Submit a Sample

Click here to download our sample submission form for testing of cannabis and cannabis products.

Click here to download our sample submission form for all other product testing.

Samples may be sent via courier, Canada Post or personally delivered to Keystone Labs located at;

Keystone Labs
7225 Roper Road NW
Edmonton, AB
T6B 3J4

All samples must be accompanied by a sample submission form. On the second page of the sample submission form are Keystone’s Terms and Conditions. The purpose of the sample submission form is to dictate the documentation needed to demonstrate the traceability of the sample is maintained throughout the receipt, testing and storage process.

Upon receipt, a Keystone Labs employee will unpack the samples and verify them against the sample submission form. This verification will include ensuring the sample names and lot numbers match, that the indicated number of samples were received and the sample submission form was filled out correctly.

Keystone Labs reserves the right to reject samples. Samples may be rejected due to the following reasons including but not limited to:

  • Samples with known contamination issues that may damage analytical systems or be hazardous to employee health.
  • Samples received from a client with poor payment history.
  • Samples which Keystone is not able to process.
  • Other documentation problems.

Please use good sampling techniques when taking and preparing samples for shipment. If applicable, please provide a current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any known hazardous properties of the sample and disposition details for your samples.

Upon completion of testing, samples will be disposed of or returned to the client with shipping costs billed to the client. Concern to the environment is apparent in Keystone’s laboratory practices. Being a contract analytical laboratory, Keystone stays current with local disposal regulations and has detailed procedures to direct proper disposal of all lab waste. Hazardous samples are disposed of by commercial vendors who is licensed to do so.

Keystone Labs employs a single point of contact for our clients. The client manager is responsible for receiving the samples, notifying the clients of sample receipt and setup date and assisting the clients with the timely processing of their samples.